The Porcelain Lounge is Back
I’m excited to be back at Billy Reid Austin for another year of The Porcelain Lounge. I’ve been a fan of Billy’s work for a long time. Drop by to shop our Holiday Collection in person...The shop is open everyday.  
The Perfect Negroni
If you follow Keith along on Instagram, you have probably seen a Negroni or two...or three pass through his feed.  It's no secret that the Negroni is a perfect cocktail. Well, we wanted to share the recipe so you can make this simple, but complex drink at home for yourself. 
KK Studios at POP Austin
I snuck out of my studio during EAST for the first time ever last weekend and went over to POP Austin to speak about creativity, collaboration and community.  I was honored to have my friend, Michael Fojtasek, chef/owner of Olamaie be part of the conversation. 
Behind the Scenes at ACL Festival
We sure do love the Austin City Limits Festival, so when our friends there asked us to work with Katie Kime to decorate their Platinum Lounge we could hardly contain our excitement. We featured our Gramercy Bottles, Ltd. Edition work and even our soon to be released Chelsea Collection Vases.  
El Cosmico's Transpecos Festival in Marfa, Texas
We were fortunate to have our decor and dinnerwear as part of the welcoming meal at  Transpecos Festival  in Marfa, Texas.  The festival is hosted by El Cosmico.  A kick-off dinner then a weekend-long adventure full of live music, camping, workshops, and art installations.  
Share This Dish Gail Simmons Bringing It Home!
I'm so excited for my friend Gail Simmons Her new cookbook, Bringing It Home, was just released and I'm in love with it. The book is full of amazing recipes that are written for great home cooking. Gail has written the book in a way that helps you make beautiful, simple meals that are sure to impress. 
Share This Dish: with Matthew Jennings
You should know Chef Matt Jennings for many reasons.  He cooks some of the most delicious food in Boston and has a new cookbook coming out soon and he is also an incredible person... I'll get to that soon.
Austin After Hours: Premier Episode

Is there anything cooler than seeing your friends succeed? We're super-psyched to see Taylor Ellison premiere her brand new show, Austin After Hours on CBS Austin this weekend.  Tune in/Set your DVR/Do whatever you have to do to watch this show explore Austin.

Share This Dish: with Chef Jenn Louis

We're so excited that Chef Jenn Louis is sharing her recipe for Haricot vert with Ras al Hanout from her Book of Greens. Jenn Louis is one of the hardest working and inspiring chefs we know.  We first met Jenn while she was in NYC prepping for her dinner at the James Beard House.

The Perfect Summer Shot
Simple Always Works is a phrase we live by in the studio.  We thought this maxim should apply to throwing down some shots with friends as much as it does for making our wares.  So...we decided to start our weekend a bit early with some summer drinks courtesy of our friend Brian Floyd.