About KK Studios

About Keith Kreeger Studios

Everything we make is hand-crafted Austin, TX.  All of our ceramic objects are designed to be beautiful, yet durable enough for the rigors of daily use in any setting.  Our clay is porcelain and our work is timeless.  Our website lists everything that we have in stock, but we are always up for the challenge of custom work.  We're able to tackle any project whether it's a 12 piece place setting for a full run of dinnerware for a 200 seat restaurant.

How We Make Our Work

How long did that take you to make is one of the most frequent inquiries we get.  Short answer....20+ years and a lot of mistakes.  Longer answer, our handcrafted process has over 15 steps and each piece goes through each of these steps which can take 3 weeks for each piece.  We use a variety of techniques in order to make our work; jiggering, hand-building, slip-casting and throwing.  We often share some behind the scenes of the studio process on our Instagram Feed.