Forming Connection

Forming Connection

By Keith Kreeger

Forming Connection

Forming Connection has its roots in my very first ceramics class in college,
a class that I took to fulfill my art requirement. 
The opportunities that class
offered helped me to find my way in clay. Only weeks into learning the
basics of clay, the studio hosted a legendary visiting artist, Toshiko
Takaezu. I was fortunate enough to be in the studio at the right time and
that week I got to help while she made one of her large pieces. Her
presence, mentorship, and friendship had an impact that forever changed
the course of my life.

Forming Connection is a moment for me to revisit my earliest inspirations
and relationships I've had through clay. It is also a time for me to think
about what kind of space my work can hold in the world once it's out of my
studio. This collection is a chance for me to explore the idea of scale– both
of individual pieces and also a collection as a whole. Can a small piece
speak with the same intensity as a monumental centerpiece. Can a larger
form hold its ground, yet create space and allow other objects nearby to
find their voice? Can my work create a moment of simple joy while also
informing you of my intent, my dedication to my craft, my history, and the
history of others that have made work before me?

This collection premiered with an Installation in The Chapel at The Commodore Perry Estate on September 23rd, 2022.

Orbs from Forming Connection will be online during the Holiday Porcelain Drop on 12/12/2022.


*15% of all sales from this collection will be donated to the Andy Roddick Foundation. Through their after-school programs and summer camps, ARF is impacting change for children in Austin and beyond. ARF is a leader in creating opportunities for children and families when school is out.


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