Handcrafted Ceramics
by Keith Kreeger

Limited edition ceramics, hand-crafted for your home in Austin, TX.

A note about my dinnerware...

After more than ten years of being almost singularly focused on creating dinnerware, I am making some changes. I am closing my waitlist and will no longer be making sets of dinnerware.

You will still see functional dishes coming from my studio from time to time, but they’ll live within my world of limited edition Porcelain Drops.

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Porcelain Drop

My newest work is released in small collections throughout the year.

Next Release: Mid-October

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Making nice things takes time.

My one-of-a-kind pieces are sold in small batches during drops throughout the year.

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I have been working with clay full-time since 1995. Currently, I spend my time in the studio creating Made-to-Order Dinnerware and small-batch collections of Ltd. Edition Hand-Thrown Wares.