Old Studio, New Website

Old Studio, New Website

By Keith Kreeger

Old Studio, New Website

I often feel the need to explain what it is that I'm doing over here. I share my work and the thinking behind it in my newsletters and on social media. I think that I had done a fairly good job of letting y'all know what I've been up to. The only problem was that my old website had been built for sharing my previous studio life. A time when there was a team keeping this studio moving along and a time when there was always work in-stock. It worked incredibly well for that type of studio, but I haven't operated my studio like that for almost two years. The old website didn't reflect my present studio life, nor was it very good of setting expectations for how I currently make and sell my work now.

I asked my friend, MK Paynter, for help translating what I've been up to into a website that is clear, concise, and told the story of my current studio practice for each and every visitor. I wanted to continue to share the depth of what I do as an artist and offer a way for you to continue to purchase my work...All while not looking or feeling like your typical e-commerce site. A seemingly difficult task in a world of online brands.

I'm lucky to have a catalog of images through the years of my work and my studio from my friends, who also happen to be some of most Austin's talented photographers. The beautiful photos you'll see on the site are by Alison Narro, Chad Wadsworth, Sarah Frankie Linder, Kate LeSueur, and Jody Horton.

I'm really proud of the work MK and I put into this website and am happy with how it came together. I hope that it makes for a better experience when you're looking to bring my work into your home. Would love to hear what you think.



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