The Porcelain Pop Up
We are thrilled to host a couple of super-talented guest artists in the Showroom this weekend during our first Porcelain Pop Up.  Guest Artists Abigail Murray (Detroit, MI) and Ryan McKerley (Austin, TX) will be bringing some stellar work for you to check out!
Workshop with Abigail Murray and Keith Kreeger

We're so excited to host our dear friend, Abigail Murray, from Detroit, MI for a Workshop at Keith Kreeger Studios. Abigail Murray creates simple, utilitarian forms with complex surfaces of found and created textures. 

How We Make It: The Gramercy Plate
Did you know? Our Gramercy Collection is made using a jiggering process. A slab of clay is put into a mold (that we make in-house).  That mold is centered on a pottery wheel. The profile of the plate is attached to a mechanical arm that is then brought down to compress the clay into the mold.