The Porcelain Pop Up

The Porcelain Pop Up

By KK Studios Showroom

The Porcelain Pop Up

We are thrilled to host a couple of super-talented guest artists in the Showroom this weekend during our first Porcelain Pop Up.  

Guest Artists Abigail Murray (Detroit, MI) and Ryan McKerley (Austin, TX) will be bringing some stellar work for you to check out! We'll be here Friday, 10/19 and Saturday 10/20 so you have two choices for what to do this weekend...

Option 1: Come through on Friday night from 6pm to 9pm for the Opening Reception which is happening during Open Canopy. That means we'll be throwing our doors open with all of our neighbors. Big Medium is hosting their Tito's Prize Opening, Bale Creek Allen Gallery is hosting their new exhibit and all of our neighbors out here on the Pier of Building 3 will be hosting our annual Party on the Pier. There will be plenty of Tito's, Eastciders and more to go around and you'll be able to walk from gallery to gallery....just like you walked from stage to stage with friends over the weekend at the festival.

Option 2: Come by Saturday from will be a bit more chill, but we'll still be hosting in the style you expect from us. We'll have Olamaie Biscuits early (if you've ever had one you know that they'll go quickly) and Aperol Spritzes throughout the day. We'll have plenty of porcelain and plenty of time to hang.

Vases by Abigail Murray


Tumbler by Ryan McKerley