How we make it...Hand-Thrown Pieces

How we make it...Hand-Thrown Pieces

By KK Studios Showroom

How we make it...Hand-Thrown Pieces

While we use a lot of forming methods to make our work here in the studio, making work on the potters wheel is really at the heart of what we do...even for our production work. Throwing on the wheel is probably the image you have in mind most when you think of pottery. 

The wheel is a tool that potters have been using for a long time. In fact, the earliest stone wheels are found to date back to 3100 BC. By letting the wheel and clay spin, we're able to use simple physics to move the clay where we'd like it to go (most of the time). If you've ever tried it out, you know it's a bit harder than it looks. Whenever Keith is teaching, he likes to say it's simple, but it is definitely not easy.

Below are some beautiful images of Keith throwing pieces.  All were taken by our good friend, Chad Wadsworth.

Every piece begins by talking a ball of clay on the wheel. The amount of clay will determine the size of the piece.

Once it's centered, we begin pulling the walls up and forming the piece.

After the walls of the form are pulled up, Keith begins to form the piece outward.

And then, the details of the form begin to be refined.

Then, the final details of the rim are worked out...these little choices are what make each one of the pieces one-of-a-kind.