Summer Bites

Summer Bites

By KK Studios Showroom

Summer Bites

Summer 2018 is wrapping up. School is back in session. Labor Day Weekend is fast approaching and our busy fall season already feels like it is upon us. With that in mind, we're glancing back at some of our favorite summer bites and moments...

A little home cooked summer salad of corn, snap peas and tomatoes.

In June we made it out to Cape had been about 4 years since we were last there as a family. It was great to be back in our old stomping grounds. wouldn't be a trip to the Cape without a pair of Lobster Rolls...every day.

and...a full on lobster bake...

We even went Whale Watching for the first time...funny...we lived on the Cape for 12 years, but this was the first time I ever went out on the water to see these amazing animals.

Drove out to Western Massachusetts to stay at the brand new Tourists hotel (which I highly recommend). It's just down the road from Mass MoCA where we explored the Sol LeWitt installations.

Quick trip out to Venice Beach in August where we finally got to dine at Felix...which was some of the best pasta I've ever had.

Trofie with Pesto at Felix

Breakfast Sandwich at Rose Cafe in Venice

And...another quick trip up to Boston where I got to try out Bar Mezzana...added to the long list of places I would go all the time if I lived in there.

We hope you enjoyed some downtime this summer and I hope you enjoyed some good meals with friends and family.