Shindig Number 10...Recap

Shindig Number 10...Recap

By Keith Kreeger

Shindig Number 10...Recap


We're back from Shindig, and have so many new friends, so many great stories, and so much inspiration. It's hard to find words to accurately describe Shindig, but it is easy to see how Billy Reid makes his mark on the world.

Billy Reid makes beautiful, timeless garments that speak of both material and place. His company cares about how things are made and, more importantly, why they are made. These are the core values I have always had for my own work…and  because of that, long before I met Billy, I looked to his work for inspiration.

Without his awareness, Billy has felt like a secret mentor to me. I greatly admire the way he runs his company, and I appreciate the way he surrounds himself with an inspiring variety of creative individuals. From the people who work for him to the people who show up for him, Billy is involved in a highly supportive community. These special groups of people who support him have gained his support in turn.

It is truly awe-inspiring how Billy uses his talent and creativity to build a community. Although he has his roots in the fashion industry, his work extends far beyond the realm of clothing and style. Shindig showcases the relationships he has formed between musicians, artists, chefs, makers, designers, and writers in a very concrete way. Each year at Shindig new connections are made between these creators and producers of culture and magical moments are shared.

Thank you, Billy. Thank you for doing what you do. Thank you for connecting the people you connect. Most of all, thank you for the support….because I know that your support brings with it the support of an amazing family that you’ve created and one that I’m humbled to be part of. 

Our work in Saturday's Pop Up at the Billy Reid HQ in Florence, AL

We were lucky enough to share the space with Arrow and Anchor Antiques, The Clary Connection, Jeremiah Ariaz, and Todd Richards.  

The Welcome Dinner: Shindig Number 10

Featuring Frank Stitt, Cassidy Dabney, Michael Fojtasek and Sean Brock

Chef Michael Fojtasek plating up his shrimp dish.


Chef Sean Brock putting the final touches on his grilled pork dish.

Kacey Musgraves Headlining at The Shoals Community Theater