Suite, Suite Porcelain

Suite, Suite Porcelain

By Keith Kreeger

Suite, Suite Porcelain

Porcelain in an NFL Stadium Suite?  Makes sense to us.

One of our most exciting projects from last year was definitely collaborating with the talented crew from Suzanne Kasler Interiors.  They put together a truly custom and amazing space for Arthur Blank and his guests at the Atlanta Falcon's brand new stadium.  They wanted the suite in the stadium to have a home-like feel and for the food to be comforting and a bit more refined than what one would normally expect at a stadium...  

We were so excited to work on this project and once again realized that the work we make gets to live a pretty spectacular life once it heads out our studio doors.  Here are a few photos and details from a recent Atlanta Homes Magazine article about the project.

“What sets this suite, and ultimately stadium, apart is Arthur’s love of design and support of artisans,” says Suzanne.

Suzanne Kasler Interiors’ keen eye for layering - and thoughtful composition of even the most minute details - makes this suite a standout.

The suite’s subtle, elegant details - from the dishes handcrafted by Texas artisan Keith Kreeger to the winged door handles by Michael Dillon and the concentric carpet underfoot - imbue the suite with luxurious warmth. The bronze tables are by Tuell and Reynolds and the chandelier is by Coup d’Etat, both available through R Hughes.

 “This is one of the most special projects I’ve ever worked on because of everyone’s commitment and teamwork to create a world-class building,” says Suzanne. “For our part, we’re pleased to have given Arthur and his guests a timeless and classic space that will age beautifully as the building continues to host events and memories for years to come.”