Father's Day Gift Guide

Father's Day Gift Guide

By Keith Kreeger

Father's Day Gift Guide

Father's Day is almost here and I'd love to tell you all of the different handcrafted porcelain things you should buy your dad.  Instead, we're going to give y'all a great list of other things to get him...(and maybe just a bit of porcelain as well). Please note that there will be no "Best Dad Ever" products listed.

Super stylish apron from Tilit NYC

I've collaborated with our friends from Tilit before and just love their work and everything about what they do.  I use one in the studio and one in the kitchen. Here's what to get the dad that wants to cook, but stay looking sharp while doing so. 

Shown above: The Luxe Chef Apron in Navy Canvas

Another favorite: The Washable Waxed Contra Chef Apron


The sharpest edge in the drawer from Chubo Knives

Here's a couple of choices of some gorgeous Japanese knives that the fine folks from Chubo source and import. I've been using a few of their knives in my kitchen for a while and they are absolutely amazing.

For dad's first Japanese Knife:

Sakai Takayuki 45 layer VG10 Damascus

This line is crafted out of a 45 layer hand hammered layered Damascus steel with a Swedish steel cutting core. These knives have a seriously sharp edge, excellent edge retention and a light center balanced feel.  Octagonal walnut handles, which have been used for centuries in Japan, are comfortable in the hand and easy to grip even when wet. Each knife is hand sharpened to ensure maximum sharpness out of the box.

For the high-roller:

Sakai Takayuki Doi Blue Steel 

For over 70 years, the Doi family has produced some of the finest hand-forged knives to come out of Japan.  Chubo is honored to offer this extremely limited collection of Kiritsuke Gyutous, crafted for Sakai Takayuki by Itsuo Doi, son of legendary blacksmith Keijiro Doi.  

The blades are forged from Aogami 2 Blue steel with carbon cladding and sharpened to a double-sided 50/50 edge. Handles are meticulously crafted from ebony.  These knives come with a lacquer saya blade cover.


A bit of Porcelain from KK Studios

Yeah, I know you're probably here for a bit of porcelain...so here are a couple of options from our studio. Mugs are obviously the go-to choice for Father's Day, but don't waste your time with another mug from a mall store...grab one of our Ltd. Edition Mazzerine Blue Lexington Mugs or one of our Classic Linea versions...both are in-stock and ready to ship.  Dad's love coffee...coffee needs mugs...mugs need coffee...make it happen.

Put a lid on him:

Shop our collection of KK Studios gear and find the perfect hat for dad.


A brand new backyard cooking setup from PK Grills

There is no better way to make a super-dad happy than to set him up with a PK Grill.  They are a mid-century company that is coming back to the forefront...they've always had a cult-following, but their relaunch has been huge and they have a brand new grill, the PK 360 out now.  It is made of cast-aluminum so it will not rust at all.  You can grill at high-heat or smoke something low and slow.  Want to make an impression, get him the grill.

The fine folks at PK Grills have two promotions going for Father's Day, either the Whole Hog bundle which features their original grill or the Holy Cow bundle featuring the PK 360...the one I bought for myself at home.


The coolest print on the wall from Modern Rocks Gallery

Having this nextdoor to our Showroom is good and bad...Love looking at the work, coveting a few images, and know that it's only a matter of time until we get the next work for our collection at home. Our suggestion: this Willie Nelson Ltd. Edition Print or any of these David Bowie prints.


A pair of boots that will last him a lifetime from Helm Boots

My first pair of Helm Boots was purchased to celebrate finishing up our first restaurant order over 6 years ago.  They're still my favorite pair and are my go-to shoe for going out.  They are a local brand that understands craftsmanship and is dedicated to the Made in the USA movement. Helm Boots has a flagship store on East 11th here in Austin, but you can order online and ship to your favorite dad. My suggestion....the Muller Teak (pictured below) or the Lee Low