Made to Order Dinnerware and Small Batch, Hand-Thrown ceramics, available in five small batches per year.

My work is made slowly, with intent, and designed to last a lifetime.

My studio practice means that my work is not always in-stock and available. Instead, there are two ways to bring my work home—

Made to Order Dinnerware

I am no longer making dinnerware sets. Please click here to learn more.

One of a Kind Ceramics

My one-of-a-kind pieces are sold in small-batch “drops” throughout the year when I have a new body of work that’s worth sharing with y’all. Shop my latest drop here.

My email list gets first pick via a pre-sale link, and pieces tend to sell out quickly.

My inbox looks just like yours, I promise to treat it respectfully.

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Why can’t I get something immediately like I used to?

I have never wanted to produce work solely for the sake of pumping out more work. When 2020 brought the opportunity to change how I do things in the studio, I decided to scale things back a bit. 

I work alone in my studio now, like I did when I started making pots professionally in 1998. What that means is that production is slow, batches of work are small and I don’t typically have a backstock of work waiting for an order to come in.

That means you’re getting work made with a passion, care, and a dedication to craft that I have honed over the last 25 years. You’re supporting a small studio that is doing its best to minimize the amount of waste it puts out into the world. I’d rather spend my time making quality work for those seeking out something special than spend my time looking for ways to convince folks to bring my work home. 

Okay, but how long do I actually have to wait?

Three months, tops. Porcelain Drops happen approximately five times per year. If my most recent drop is sold out, join the waitlist so you don’t miss out on the next one. You will be first to know the details of my next drop and will get a pre-sale link for each drop twenty-four hours before my new work is available publicly on my website.

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How can I tell what your next drop will look like?

Browse my archive of previous work for a good idea of pieces that are likely to come, although I’m always exploring new styles and techniques.

Browse the Archive

Are you one of those people who like to know all of the details?

If so, you can read more about my transition from a growing, medium-sized studio back to a small batch studio in the journal.