Thank You...

Thank You...

By Audra Deaton

Thank You...

It’s been quite a year in the studio!

We explored new ideas, we released special collections of work throughout the year, we made work for new restaurant clients across the country and we opened up a beautiful showroom. While we went big in some areas, we intentionally decided to go small in others.  

This year we purposefully decided to make less work than the year before. It's the first time in my studio career that fewer pots came out of the kilns. The traditional path of growth is easy to recognize..our new path was not as easy to find. We slowed down because we wanted to focus on the details. We wanted to focus on making the best work we can. Most importantly, we wanted to make sure that each new piece we brought into the world was made with clear intent. 

I’m extremely proud of the work we did this year and excited for what’s coming up in the studio in the new year.

So….thank you for always supporting my work and I hope the pieces that you have brought into your life continue to make you happy for years to come.

-Keth Kreeger