SXSW Panel Featuring Keith Kreeger Studios

SXSW Panel Featuring Keith Kreeger Studios

By Audra Deaton

SXSW Panel Featuring Keith Kreeger Studios


I'm so excited to be speaking on a panel during the South by Southwest Conference and Festival once again. This year I'll be talking about creating a retail space that focuses on building community. Margaret Williams, editor of Tribeza Magazine will be moderating the panel. I'll be speaking along with Paige Mycoskie, founder of Aviator Nation and Alta Alexander, owner of Altatudes Boutique.

I'm excited to hear how these founders use their spaces to build and support the communities that their part of. The panel is on Friday, 3/8 at the Four Seasons Hotel...hope you'll drop by if you're taking part in the conference.

Here are the details for our panel...

"What's the incentive to bring customers in-store when they have the convenience of ordering online from the comfort of their own home? Aside from experiencing the product first-hand, these three founders believe building actual experiences -- from live concerts, to yoga classes, non-profit partnership events, and more -- are the key to not only building a great brand, but also building community.
Hear from a panel of founders on how they're using their retail stores in creative ways to engage with the community and usher in new clientele."


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