Hot Luck Fest Preview

Hot Luck Fest Preview

By Audra Deaton

Hot Luck Fest Preview

Hot Luck Fest is one of our favorite hangs of the year. Aaron Franklin and his partners, James Moody and Mike Thelin have created an event that lets you hang with some of the most talented chefs around in a super comfortable setting.

Each evening, you have a choice of a big event and a more intimate after-party that melds the food and music world. You can get yourself some tickets to Hot Luck right here...hope to see you out there.

Here's what I'm excited about–


Think about swinging by the Giddy Up party at Mohawk. Our friend, Matty Matheson, is coming back and cooking up something special with Aaron Franklin. Callie Spear of Holy Roller will be there as will Chad Dolezal from The Hightower. And you can't miss local sushi rockstar, Chef Yoshi from Otoko, plus there's music by The Texas Piano Man, Robert Ellis. 


Stop by the Hi, How Are You party where you can't miss out-of-town chef Elias Cairo from Olympia Provisions. He's a fellow "It's Alive with Brad" alumn. Also looking forward to Gabriel Rucker from Le Pigeon in Portland. 


Al Fuego is the main event! Abe Conlon is back from Chicago, and Chris Bianco from Pizzeria Bianco, a legend, will be there. It's going to be great. Sarah Kramer and Sarah Hymason of Kismet will cook the exact food that I love to eat at home.

Archers of Loaf is playing late-night at The Mohawk, taking me right back to my college days, and I'm not sure if it's a real memory or not but, but I think they came to a house party after they played Skidmore back-in-the-day. If not, it's a cool made-up story. Show snacks are Homeslice Pizza, and what could be wrong with that?


Finish up at the Coupe de Grille, Mason Hereford from Turkey and the Wolf will be serving up sandwiches that will sooth you in whatever state you're in. Also gotta love Justin Yu from Houston and Christina Tossi from Milk Bar.