Father's Day Favorites

Father's Day Favorites

By KK Studios Showroom

Father's Day Favorites

Father’s Day is just around the corner—and we have you covered with our Ltd. Edition blue and black mugs—good for sipping on everything from coffee to whiskey. We’ve said it before, but there’s nothing like opening your kitchen cabinet and picking out the perfect cup, with all of the memories that go along with it. But, in addition to some of our favorites coming out of the studio, we wanted to share what we're coveting out in the rest of the world as well.

A good mug needs good coffee. Here at KK Studios we drink a lot of coffee made by our friends at Tweed Coffee Roasters, made by the same folks who created Houndstooth Coffee. Our personal favorite is the Foxtrot  blend with notes of chocolate and citrus, but they have some great seasonal rotations and a coffee subscription plan too. It has been said that making a good cup of coffee is an art form, and we couldn’t agree more.


Still searching for the perfect gift for the best dad?

How about some new threads? You can’t go wrong with literally anything from Billy Reid. Not only are the options timeless, dad will look like a stylist dressed him. For reference, see Keith's pic from an interview he did for the Billy Reid journal a while back. Word is that Keith's now coveting the cotton linen 5 pocket pants (hint, hint) in charcoal because it’s officially too hot in Austin!

Our friends at PK Grills took what was a cult classic among the competitive BBQ circuit and made it available to all of us. Proudly manufactured in Little Rock, Arkansas, PK Grills are smokers and grills, all-in-one. Dad will thank you—but eventually you’ll thank dad.



We won’t lie, we wear Outdoor Voices t-shirts while making things more often than we wear them to the gym. Tell dad to throw out the faded, torn metal shirt that’s a little too small for him and get him something he can look respectable in. Bonus, we loved hearing OV’s CEO, Ty Haney, on Dave Chang’s podcast recently...some incredible knowledge was dropped and it's worth a listen.

Still not sure? Here's the perfect answer.

Our friends at Made In Cookware have created a beautiful, all-purpose skillet. We’re all about the 12” blue carbon steel frying pan. We want it. You want it. Why not get one for dad and one for yourself too.