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Keith Kreeger Studios + Hospitality

Who makes your plates? 

Keith Kreeger has been working in ceramics for well over 20 years.   This experience gives our studio a knowledge base to come up with creative solutions for projects of any size.  The process in our studio is not unlike what happens in the kitchen. We start with raw material, prep it, and make it simultaneously innovative and replicable. There is nothing we enjoy more than collaborating with our friends in the hospitality industry.  We offer a wide array of polished, contemporary forms and designs that can be used on a daily basis. We believe objects matter and look forward to being a part of your dinner service. 

We have a number of options available from our current collections to a full run of custom wares for your space.  We offer competitive pricing for the hospitality industry and work with over 40 restaurants across the country.

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Our Clients Include:

  • Empellon- NYC
  • Animal- Los Angeles, CA
  • Boka Restaurant- Chicago, IL
  • Somerset- Chicago, IL
  • Coppa- Boston, MA
  • Upland- NYC
  • Cured- San Antonio, TX
  • FT33- Dallas, TX
  • 610 Magnolia- Louisville, KY
  • Pass & Provisions- Houston, TX
  • Maketto- Washington, D.C.
  • Langbaan Restaurant- Portland, OR
  • Bullfight- Austin, TX
  • Emmer & Rye- Austin, TX
  • Bambara- Cambridge, MA
  • Gardner- Austin, TX
  • Olamaie- Austin, TX
  • Little Donkey- Cambridge, MA
  • Uni Sashimi- Boston, MA
  • Husk- Nashville, TN
  • Alden & Harlow- Cambridge, MA
  • Select Oyster Bar- Boston, MA
  • Birdie- Minneapolis, MN
  • George's at the Cove- La Jolla, CA
  • Uchi- Austin, TX
  • Uchi- Houston, TX
  • Uchi- Dallas, TX
  • Uchi- Denver, CO (late 2018)
  • Fixe- Austin, TX
  • Coquette, New Orleans, LA
  • Salt and Time- Austin, TX
  • New Waterloo- Austin, TX
  • Californios- San Francisco, CA
  • Bellemore- Chicago, IL
  • W Hotels