The Porcelain Lounge is Back

The Porcelain Lounge is Back

By Keith Kreeger

The Porcelain Lounge is Back

I’m excited to be back at Billy Reid Austin for another year of The Porcelain Lounge. I’ve been a fan of Billy’s work for a long time.  Not only has Billy created an iconic style, but that style weaves a thread throughout his company. The clothing, shoes, culture and people that make up the Billy Reid brand are all speaking the same language.  They care deeply about what they do and what they make.  Since I believe firmly about the importance of how and why things are made, it is a natural fit to collaborate with Billy and his team for this edition of The Porcelain Lounge                                                 

I’ve put together a selection of some of our most popular work for the Holiday Season.  You’ll find a perfect group of gifts for your loved ones…or for yourself.  You’ll also see some of our favorite pieces for entertaining so your meals can be a bit more beautiful.

Drop by to shop our Holiday Collection in person...The shop is open everyday.  



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