The Big Spring 2021 Studio Update

The Big Spring 2021 Studio Update

By Keith Kreeger

The Big Spring 2021 Studio Update

While I've been hard at work making new things in the studio, it's far past time to let y'all know what's been happening here and make it real.

As I work more deliberately and slowly, the trickiest part of my studio practice has been building up enough work to fill this website with new work. THE GOOD NEWS– it's finally happening.

There have always been two tracks here in the studio...dinnerware and everything else. Dinnerware is 100% what y'all know me best for and what I spend the most amount of time thinking about and working on. It's also probably the most difficult thing that happens inside the studio, the loss-rate of making plates is at best disheartening and at worse, devastating. BUT, that's because of the quality of work that I want to put into the world. It's a good thing...just sometimes takes me some time to see that (and get that work to meet my expectations).

My dinnerware will continue on a made-to-order basis and I'll continue to work from the waitlist. I'm working alone in the studio and that means there will be less dinnerware made this year. I'm more than ok with that. It's wonderful actually speaking with those of you who want to bring my work home. It's beautiful to know exactly where the pieces I'm making are going. It is so gratifying to know that I am not just making work to satisfy my selfish need to make things, but also that they have a home even before I get started making work each day. 

The second track is everything else. That includes custom projects for design and commercial clients, hospitality orders, and making all of the shapes that are bouncing around inside my head when I can't sleep. There has been a lot of all of that kind of work so far this year. I've worked on some of the largest scale work I've ever done before.

Perhaps best of all, I'm finally bringing some new (and old) ideas to life...

Lighting is coming soon. Both these Chelsea Lamps that have been waiting for a chance to live outside of my studio walls as well as some one-of-a-kind lamps that have yet to be named or photographed.

Finally, on Wednesday, April 28 a collection of new work including vases, cups, bowls, and perhaps even some pre-orders of my lamps will be available. I'm excited to share all of my new work with you.

I'll see y'all next week for the online launch of my new collection.

Thanks for bringing my work into your homes.