Red Hook Tavern - Brooklyn, NY

In July we shipped a pallet of plates to our friends at Red Hook Tavern in Brooklyn, NY. Billy Durney and I have known each other for years. In fact, the first work we ever made for my friend was a custom batch of porcelain BBQ trays that Billy and the team from Hometown BBQ used at Memphis in May a few years back. 

The team at Red Hook Tavern has been hard at work for a long time, and they opened this summer to rave reviews. The burger is already mentioned as one of the classic NYC burgers, and the rest of the menu rounds out to make Red Hook Tavern a place that feels like home. We're honored to be part of the family.

I tried the burger and the bibb salad (have to go back for the classic wedge). I also had the ham and cheese croquette and the steak with Maître D' Butter, which was out-of-this-world. Of course I couldn't pass up tasting the clams, which were also excellent.

Photos via Red Hook Tavern / Daniel Krieger