Our Best Tips for How to EAST

Our Best Tips for How to EAST

By Keith Kreeger

Our Best Tips for How to EAST

EAST is easily the biggest and best arts event in Austin. With over 585 artists showing their work in over 300 studios, it's an incredible opportunity to explore the the inner-sanctum of the creative community here in Austin. It can also be a little overwhelming, so a little planning is in order. Here are some of our suggestions on how to make EAST you favorite weekend of the year.

First of all, here's what you need to know about KK Studios during EAST:

The Showroom is our new home-base and open throughout EAST 2018.

  • Open every day during EAST 11-6
  • New Space in Canopy Bldg 3-104 next to Modern Rocks Gallery
  • See and shop all of our newest work.
  • 10% off all in-stock dinnerware

Now...here are our suggestions for the rest of the Tour...

1. Plan it out.

Know the big stops. If you've never been, the larger complexes are a great way to begin your tour. Our studio is at Canopy which has long been the epicenter of EAST. Big Medium (the non-profit that produces the tour) is based here and has their Tito's Prize Exhibiton up...it's amazing and you should definitely check it out.

Big Medium just launched a new App for EAST and it's a great way to check out what's going on.

Save some time for the smaller studios. Find a catalog, go to the group show...find work that interests you and drop by the small studios. You'll love the chance to see home studios and see how some artists work in their own environments

Know how you're going to get around. Parking can be tough, traffic can be a mess and you're going to be traveling through neighborhoods so try to be respectful of that. If you're going to explore a bunch of stops, find a central place to leave your car and then bike around. Also...While I am old, jaded and morally opposed to the scooter situation in town on a day to day basis...EAST really is going to be easiest if you park your car and hop on some alternative transportation....so you get a pass this weekend.

Here are some Studio Picks from our friends at Guaranteed to Wrinkle

Canopy: 916 Springdale Road

  • Keith Kreeger Studios
  • Bale Creek Allen Gallery
  • Karen Woodward
  • Will Bryant
  • Steve Parker
  • Also...explore the entire complex...we have 5 buildings and there will be a ton to see. My additions– Lisa Crowder Jewelry, Modern Rocks Gallery, Melissa Borrell, Elizabeth Chiles.

Bolm Studios: 5305 Bolm Road

  • Jana Swec Art
  • Revival Cycles Workshop
  • Brian Phillips

Springdale General: 1023 Springdale Road

  • Eliana Bernard
  • Emily Eisenhart at Broad Studios
  • The Paper and Craft Pantry
  • Silk Diaries

Hatch Workshop: 641 Tillery Street

The Color Condition: 3509 Banton Road

Aaron Michoalvic: 610 Springdale Road (The Splinter Group behind Delta Millworks)

The Studio ATX: 2400 E Cesar Chavez Suite 212

  • Whitney Turetzky
  • Brooke Robinson


2. Engage

Have a favorite artist? Make sure you talk to them. Intrigued by someone's work...talk to them. Interested in how they make something...TALK TO THEM. We're all excited to open the doors to our studios and there is nothing like getting to talk directly to the folks who like our work. 

3. Like something? Buy it!

I promise you that you will never regret buying a piece of art...but, you will kick yourself for not getting that piece that you've fallen in love with. Most importantly, your supporting Austin's creative culture and even better...supporting an artist directly. If you want artists to be part of this city's growth, you need to make sure that you're an active part of the creative economy in this town as well.

4. Dine Well

You know what else is a big part of our city's growth and directly supports the creative community? Independently owned and operated restaurants...they're all over the Eastside and they're fantastic. Take a break...hydrate, have a drink, have some brunch and then get back out to enjoy the rest of the tour. My suggestions for where to take a break:

  • Justine's Brasserie– EAST is the only time during the year that they serve brunch. They are THE neighborhood restaurant over here. It is owned by an artist and nobody is more engaged with the creative energy here in town than the crew at Justine's. They are also open late-night so you know EAST participants will be hanging there to celebrate a good day at EAST.
  • Launderette– Beautiful space, great food...go hang there to start your day. It's bright and airy and full of delicious bites....plus, some of the best desserts in town. Bring me an Eastside Pimm's and a burger if you can.
  • Veracruz All-Natural– The best Migas Taco in town...period. Great way to start the day. Get a taco and a smoothie and you're ready to roll.
  • Ramen Tatsu-Ya– Need a quick bite? The ramen shop just opened on the Eastside in 6th and Comal and is one of my go-to lunch spots.
  • Cisco's– Go old-school and drop by Cisco's on east 6th. Bonus...they just added dinner, so if you're hungry at the end of the day, you can still get yourself a biscuit, some fajitas...and even some delicious drinks with their new bar.
  • Suerte– One of the best new restaurants in Austin this year. Fresh masa plays the main role in this gorgeous and delicious Mexican restaurant helmed by the talented Sam Heliman-Mass and Fermin Nuñez.
  • Gelataria Gemilli– Need a quick sweet treat, or perhaps a negroni? This gelato shop with the best amaro selection in town needs to be on your list.

Coffee- Need to fuel up...here are some good options

  • Flitch: My go to on Tillery Street next to Hatch Woodworking
  • Sa-Ten: Right next to my showroom here at Canopy
  • Cuvee– I use Cuvee beans at home every morning. They have a great shop on East 6th.
  • Figure 8: Great option right on Chicon.

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