Donate for a Discount

Donate for a Discount

By Keith Kreeger

Donate for a Discount

This is from my most recent newsletter–

Hey friends,
You're a big part of my community and work, and I wanted to check in with an update and action from Keith Kreeger Studios. 

A little over a week ago, I decided to take a brief hiatus from the studio in order to protect my team, my family, and my community. I've spent that time cooking with my family and planning what Keith Kreeger Studios looks like now, and further down the road. Like a lot of you, I've had to make some of the hardest decisions ever regarding my business. I've also dedicated a lot of my time the past week tirelessly advocating with every ounce of energy I have to fight for the small businesses, restaurants, and the workers in our communities who have been hit hard by the economic side-effects of Covid-19.

Although the studio is closed, my online store is open for business...many thanks to all who are keeping #KKontheTable going. I know we will re-open the studio and get back to making the work we love as soon as possible. While I'm asking you to continue to support my work, I'm also asking that you donate to any number of organizations that are on the ground doing the work to make sure we have neighborhoods full of small businesses on the other side.

Let's work together to keep our communities strong. Email me a receipt of your donation to any organization listed below and I will send you a discount code to use on my website for 20% off anything in the shop.  My hope is that your generosity in the community is more than I could ever do alone.
*Our "Donate for a Discount" program will run from now until May 1.

The independent businesses and restaurants who closed to protect their communities did so before the big companies. We closed before local leaders stepped up to lead. We are in a strange, inverted time of leadership where the smallest among us are making decisions for their community without help from above, and without knowing that the leaders will be there for them on the other side. I urge you to help in whatever way you can, so they can continue to create and elevate this beautiful community.

Thank you,

Donate & Save (in so many ways)

Advocate For Your Community