When you’re not making reservations, we hope you’re making dinner. With a variety of plate and bowl options and two distinct designs, your food will look better than ever.

The first rule of KK dinnerware is that it’s made-to-order, which means that it takes more than 15 steps and usually ten weeks from the first day of making to unloading from the kiln. Patience is a virtue, so I’ve been told. While the wait may seem long, I make our plates to last you a lifetime.

The second rule of KK dinnerware is that it’s meant to be used every dayso promise me you won’t just save it for special occasions.

I am currently on a waitlist for all dinnerware orders. You can add your name to the waitlist by clicking on the set or stack you're interested in, then follow the "join the waitlist" link.

Questions? Want to get on the waitlist? Want to set up a wedding registry? Give me a shout!

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