Single Gramercy Dinnerware - Linea 6" Small Bowl

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Some call this an ice cream bowl. Others call it a cereal bowl. If you like cherries, this is a good bowl for those as well. Imagine a perfect scoop of jasmine rice or a bowl full of shishito peppersthe options are endless. Chefs love this for sashimi, vegetable sides and shareable appetizers. We could eat a half-portion of cacio e pepe out of these all day long. 

Available in stacks of 4, 6, 8, 10 and 12. Check your calendareach item is made-to-order and can take up to 8 weeks to make. 

  • Small Bowl: 6" x 2.25" - holds 12 fl. oz.
  • Hand-crafted in Austin, Texas out of porcelain 
  • Made using a jiggering process 
  • Durable, semi-gloss clear glaze with inlaid slip design 
  • Slight variations are inherent in the hand-made process and are the soul of our work 
  • Save 10% by ordering as part of a Gramercy Dinnerware Set (coming soon)