Ltd Edition Everything Bowl-2023

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Limited Edition Everything Bowl

I’m so excited for this one– a brand new bowl and it’s definitely my new favorite size for just about everything. I’ve been living with the prototypes for the last few months. They’ve become my go-to for a whole lot of things– perfect for a quick breakfast yogurt, overnight oats, pasta, reheating leftovers, and yes…even a treat like an ice cream sundae (which you can also have for breakfast).

I’m so ready to finally send these bowls out into the world and let them nourish you as they’ve been nourishing me.

  • The premier batch of my new favorite bowl
  • 6.75” in diameter x 2.5” high
  • Special Edition Perpetua
  • $340/set of 4


  • Hand-crafted in Austin, Texas out of porcelain 
  • Made using a jiggering process 
  • Durable, semi-gloss clear glaze with inlaid slip design 
  • Slight variations are inherent in the hand-made process and are the soul of our work