Breakfast: The Cookbook - Emily Elyse Miller

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Start the day with the definitive cookbook of authentic home-cooking breakfast dishes from around the world.

"Your comprehensive guide to breakfast."—Epicurious

"With its simple concept and impressive breadth, Breakfast: The Cookbook offers a satisfyingly feel-good take on the most universal meal, one that will open home cooks' eyes to food traditions beyond their own while reminding them just how alike we all are."—Eater, Best New Cookbooks for Spring

Breakfast is the most important – and comforting – time of day for billions of people everywhere. Here, for the first time, Emily Elyse Miller gathers a collection of hundreds of home-cooking recipes, celebrating morning meals as they're prepared in kitchens across the globe. Each recipe is accessible and straightforward, with notes offering cultural context and culinary insight. Whether it's sweet or not, classic or regional, it's here: Egyptian Ful Medames (stewed fava beans); Mexican Chilaquiles; Chinese Pineapple Buns; American Scones; Scottish Morning Rolls; and so much more.

Featuring contributions from Reem Kassis, Bill Granger, Jason Hammel, Stephen Harris, Clotilde Dusoulier, Harumi Kurihara, Meera Sodha, Alvin Cailan, Fredrik Berselius, and Manoella Buffara.

I met Emily a few years ago and have been watching her work on this project from afar. Breakfast reads like an encyclopedia of everyone's favorite meal. -Keith

  • 464 Pages 
  • 7.6" X 11"
  • Hardcover
  • Published by Phaidon Press
  • May 29, 2019