Limited Edition Cocktail Plates...The First Porcelain Drop of the Year!

Late last year I brought a set of these little plates home. These pieces have been a favorite of my restaurant clients for years, but I hadn’t really ever used them myself. During the holidays at our home, when snacking with friends and family becomes a common occurrence, they became the most used pieces. In the studio I have always called them 5”, or at least for now, they're called Cocktail Plates.

  • The most popular pieces in our home during the holidays.
  • 5” Plates, perfect for snacks, a cocktail party, or collecting jewels.
  • Special Edition Perpetua
  • $250/Set of 4


  • Hand-crafted in Austin, Texas out of porcelain 
  • Made using a jiggering process 
  • Durable, semi-gloss clear glaze with inlaid slip design 
  • Slight variations are inherent in the hand-made process and are the soul of our work