It's that time again - August Seconds & Sample Sale

You love them. We love them. We're always thrilled to announce our Seconds & Sample sale. Here's the scoop about why we hold these sales, what you can expect to find... and what on earth a second or sample even means in the KK world. Coming at you Thursday, August 15- Saturday, August 17.  

// Why do we host these sales?
We make a lot of dinnerware for restaurants, and we typically end up with overruns from every order⁠—not to mention we have ridiculously high standards. When our seconds pile up to a certain point⁠—we need to clear some space in the studio. We love opening the showroom doors to everyone in Austin who interacts with our work in restaurants around town, and know there’s a great opportunity to bring some of that work home.  

// What does it mean when a piece is a second or sample?
Sometimes it’s an overrun, sometimes it’s a small cosmetic inconsistency in the glaze. It could be that a piece didn’t come out as we had planned, or it’s something we were testing and decided not to use. It could also be that we’re clearing out an older version of our work. Either way, you’ll walk away with a quality piece. Absolutely nothing heads out the door that we wouldn’t be proud to have in our own home.    

// What kind of deals can you look forward to?
Pricing is usually up to 50% off. Get what you’ve been eyeing and take more home.

// Any cool offerings you can preview for us?
We’ll have a good number of cups and mugs, which are always the first to go. There will be plenty of plates, so you can stock up for holiday meals and entertaining.  

// What about the folks who aren't in Austin?
This is always tough. Unfortunately we don’t offer our seconds and samples online. Austin is a big part of our studio and our success, and we love being able to open the doors to everyone in the city. We do offer some overstock sales from time-to-time online. Make sure you’re on the Porcelain List to get the latest updates.  

Thanks for supporting us—see you soon!